What-a-Day 1.1 a brief instruction manual

Dear User, in certain situation the navigation back from this web page (by swiping the page) could fail. If this happens on your device, switch back to the 'Standard View' (upper button of this page). Then you can swipe back.

We're currently working on a fix for the next version.

Edit Messages:

the 'Write' window is one of the main functionality of What-a-Day. Here you will create your post for the later use in Mail, SMS and Twitter.


By tapping one of the three sections of the 'term picker' (2) you select a phrases of your vocabulary, what is much quicker. The vocabulary itsself is prepopulated with some example terms and needs to be configured (3) by yourself to achieve a very personalized result.


By tapping the text inputfield (1) the keyboard appears and you can input your text the normal way.



  1. to delete phrases within the text inputfield (1) just make a 'left swipe' to delete the entry one by one. 


In this screen you can create your own specific term database. After app installation this database is prepopulated with some (but not too much) examples and emoji icons.


With the control (1) you can decide on which picker roll the term appears. What-a-Day proposes picker roll 1 for the substantives, picker roll 2 for verbs and picker roll 3 for the adjectives. At the end it's your choice - you can also place complete sentences at any picker roll you want.


By selecting a tableview entry (3) this entry appears in the editing field (2), where you can edit and duplicate the term.

You can delete an entry by a simple left swipe.  



  1. for performance reasons the vocabulary should not be overloaded by too many terms. Best results can be achieved with less than 200 terms in total. 


Send Messages:

This screen leads you to the variuos types of message distribution: Mail, SMS and Twitter.


With the button 'sent messages' you will see the message database of your 'sent messages' 


Picture and Map attachments:


under construction


This settings screens allows you to individualize the appearance of your messages, but also the app apearance.


Swiping the picture symbols leads you through a collections of avatars which then will be used in your picture, maps and mail representation.