Twitter & Photo - What-A-Day 1.2

Stories, greetings, momentary moods, feelings and opinions ..... it was never so easy to edit such post, giving them a very personalized touch and distribute them on variuos channels - Twitter, Mail, SMS !


With What-A-Day you can post your personal daily experiences, adventures, feelings and opinions in a very individual way. The unique text system extension allows you to incorporate frequently used textphrases into your messages without the hassle of using the keyboard.


Add your very personal touch to your messages with a portrait photo, an avatar and a map with your location to arrange meeting places. The rich variety of Emoji symbols allows you to illustrate your messages forany purpose.

With iOS5 you can even add photos to your Tweets to create very unique tweets for your followers.



What-A-Day functions at a glance:

  • textsystem with a extendable, prefilled Phrases database (incl. Emoji)
  • multilingual phrases database
  • Mail
  • SMS
  • Twitter & Fotos (iOS5)
  • Maps with location information and an editable textfield
  • Database for 'sent messages', with 'resend' capabilities
  • AirPrint functionality