CRM Business Suite - Learning Section

Learning 'CRM-Business-Suite':


The professional design pattern of MTbrain "Business-Suite-Applications" supports Business Professionals in their job sustainable. To learn the migthy and rich toolset of our applications we recommend to read the context sensitive Online Help within the application itsself or study the video tutorials on this pages.


If you have special questions after reading the OnLine-Manual or the video tutorials - don't hesitate to contact the MTbrain Support Team (mailto: or try the FAQ-section.


Learning "CRM-Business-Notes" features:


Video tutorials of CRM Business Notes 3.4


Customization - Customize Templates and Language



Video tutorials of CRM Business Notes 3.0


All Chapters   - Complete Set

Chapter 1      - Contact Management

Chapter 2      - Documents and Schedules

Chapter 3      - Application Settings

Chapter 4      - Business KPIs

Chapter 5      - Dealmanager


The above mentioned video lectures features the core functionality of CRM Business Notes.



CRM Business Deals:








Older "CRM-Business Notes versions" :

based on version 2.7 we're going to produce Lecture videos in order to give you a detail insight about the "Business Notes" features:


Episode 1                 - Setup application and create first contacts

Episode 1(Extention) - Importing multiple contacts




Older videos:

based on version 2.3.1 we did produce 7 video tutorials which will stay on this page until we've finalzed the time consuming procedure of creating the 2.7 videos.


Episode 1 - Edit Customer Data

Episode 2 - Create events & topics

Episode 3 - Create attachments

Episode 4 - the Dashboard & archiving

Episode 5 - Calendars

Episode 6 - the Calculator

Episode 7 - eMail & Output