Business Supplier Management 1.0 - Performance Review

Managing suppliers:


One way to bring  'Value added' to your business/company is to manage the supply chain and its suppliers sustainable and in a structured way. It plays no role wether such suppliers provides you materials or services, wether they're suppliers for indirect materials or direct materials.


One element of such a supplier management is the 'Target-Settings'-process and in its consequence the 'Performance Review'-process. That is the core of the first modul of MTbrain's Business Supplier Suite - BSM 1.0. 


Even this first, basic module of BSM allows you to define performance goals and its joint review together with your suppliers. (the upcoming, futures extension will refine this approach more in depth).


In this context the document type 'Performance Audit' with its action opportunity 'Performance Review' is the most important for BSM 1.0. 


Once you have setup and categorized a new supplier you should open a 'Performance Audit' document type and describe on the main page and the topic pages in detail what your expectations/requirements are regarding supplier's performance. 


For the review process you use the 'Performance Audit' attachment below. 



This screen is pretty selfexplanatory :

  1. tap the performance category and customize the performance category for each supplier type (material supplier and service supplier) to your convinience.
  2. go to goalsetting menu (using the wrench-button) and set the specific goal including the weighting factor.
  3. decide which kind of supplier type is the current supplier
  4. move the sliders for the respective category to evaluate the specific performance
  5. using the comment button ( ) allows to add specific comment of ToDos, descriptions or explanation. This helps later to remember the specific issues, especially if your voting is below 3.5.


Hint: you can save an already made supplier evaluation as template for future evaluations.