Business Supplier Management 1.0 - Dashboard

The Dashboard and its features has a central role regarding document and supplier management. Editing, deletion of documents or supplier masterdata are concentrated here within the Dashboard and - for sake of a better transparency and workflows - were deleted at the same time from the other windows of the application.


The Dashboard displays all information of a supplier collected from all relevant documents.


A complete list of all single event documents appears in the frame on the left side of the window.



Dashboard functions:


The dashboard displays all event for the selected supplier and analyze summary information of the business history up to date. 

The dashboard window is partioned into 3 parts: the event list, the summary statement from over all supplier events and the specific information about a selected event.




Button "Original Document"

Display the selected document in the detail document view, where it can be editted.

Button "Edit customer"

 Switches into the Edit-mode of the supplier master  data management, where the master data can be edited.

Button "Delete customer"

Deletes the selected supplier from the database. Hereby following points are from interest:


1. if this supplier has no existing document already, the supplier entry will be deleted completly from the datbase. It cannot be restored.


2. does already exists documents for this supplier then the selected supplier and all its corresponding documents will be deleted from the database, but the deleted information will be archived first (for later use) in a special format.


Dearchiving removed files:

To dearchive removed files go into the 'Document Archive' menu item of the upper menu bar. The Filemanager will displays all existing archive files (Extension: .plist). To restore the original content back into your database - select the archive file and tap the 'file in' Button.


To finally destroy the content information delete this archive file from the Filemanager list by a simple left swipe.