Business Supplier Management 1.0 - Chronic

Business Supplier Management (BSM) is an event driven application for the Supplier Management. Supplier events are categorized by different templates for Meeting, Short Notice, Performance Audit, Tasks and Complaints.
The Chronic on the left side displays all supplier related events up to date.

Detailed functions
  • display the essentials of a event
  • search and refine the events
  • switch to the Supplier Selection menu


BSM provides five different event categories - Meeting, Short Notice, Performance Audit, Tasks and Complaints - each of them from different complexity to match the nature of the event at best:


5-pager to document for big events like 'longer meetings', Negotiations, Project meetings. You can add business graphs, PDF attachments and audio files.
Short note:
1-pager to document phone call, short comments, ideas. You can add a PDF attachment and audio files.
Performance Audit:
5-pager to document a Performance Review Meeting. Business background, history, markets etc.. You can add a Performance Evaluation, Business graphs, PDF attachments and audio files.
1-pager to document phone call, short comments, ideas. You can add a Performance Evaluation, PDF attachment and a audio file.
1-pager to define own, contact specific task. You can add a PDF attachment and a audio file.


The Chronic:

The Chronic gives you an ordered overview of all existing supplier events. You can refine the displayed information by using the filter button - <Company>,<Contact>, <Subject>,<Date> and the searchfield.


Company - searches in all company fields, like Name, Town, Street, ZIP.

Contact    - searches in Contact fields, like Firstname, Lastname, Phone and Partcipants Clients.

Subject    - searches in event title and event category.

Date        - searches for a specific event date.

Reset       - cancel all filters and display the full content


A single tabel cell contains the following detailed information:


  1. Event date, event type, participants and performance value
  2. Beside this there a various information about the document status
  • red signal - means, at least one actionpoint in the detail topics 1-4 is still open
  • green signal - no action points defined or all action points closed
  • microphone symbol - a voice record file has been attached
  • bookmark - you have marked this event as important


Other functions:


  • Editing : selecting a cell will transfer its underlying event document into the Detail Window (right side) for further action.
  • Contacts: selecting the 'Contact'-Button directs you to two functions:
  1. creating a brandnew customer (+)
  2. managing an existing customer b) leads you to the full overview of a selected customer and its related events. Here you can manage Customer Management functions, where you can edit/delete customer master data, creating new events for that custmor.


Supplier Selection:

Pushing the Contact-Button leads you to the 'Customer Selection Menu' which directs to the following Customer Management functions:


  1. Client Selection: a list with all existing contacts appears. Refine the information by using the search functions. Tapping into a cell will lead you to the DASHBOARD.
  2. Add new client : (+ symbol) the customer management window appears where you can create a new company and/or add additional contacts to an existing company (see below).
  3. Add new event : (folder symbol) a list with the event types appears, where you can initialize a new document. You will directed straightforward into the edit mode of that new document.


Edit/Add Supplier Master Data


In the Edit/Add function you can:


  1. create and edit Supplier Master Data
  2. describe Supplier Business data
  3. add contact persons for this supplier
  4. Geolocation shows the supplier's location (and yours if you're nearby)
  5. make Routeplanning from your position to supplier's location




1. Create & Edit supplier master data


Mandatory fields: Company Name - the central identification of the supplier is done in BSM with the company name. Make sure that this name is unique !  Other mandatory field are: town and street and are necessary for doing geolocation.


If one of the three above mentioned fields are invalid, BSM will not save this entry and indicates this by a red symbol.


That's all on mandatory supplier information. All other entry fields are for your information.

The area of classification allows you to categorize the materila/service provided by this supplier. Default is the category 'strategic' 


To add a contcat person, press the + button, which leads you to contact information sheet. Here you can input the contact information. The easiest way to fill in the contact data is the import from the address book. Press the Addressbook-Button and select the appropiate entry.


2. Using Geolocation

Having the supplier address information (TOWN & STREET) BSM can show you the supplier map location within a region of 8 km. If your current position is within this area your position will show as a blue bubble.


3. Route Planning

Clicking the 'World'-symbol in the left hand menu leads you to maps route planning app. The current geolocation coordinates will be transferred.