Business Supplier Management 1.0 - Topic details

Die deutsche Übersetzung ist z.Z. noch in Arbeit und wird am.24.12 abgeschlossen sein.


Two event categories - 'Meeting' and 'Performance Audit' allows you to add up to four detail topic pages - reachable by a simple page flip. 


The Topic View are for describing the topics in details and setting actionspoints (tasks). A task can be 'due dated' and remarked open/closed. Open tasks can be indentified in the cell of the documents list by a red bubble.


The picture frame shows the photo attachments of the document. You can add photos from the camera (iPad2+), the photo library but also handwriting notes and graphs. All visual attachments persist in the respective document.




Intention of this feature is to give you a flexible solution for drawing simple graphs or making sketches.



Color icons:     tapping the color icons provides a new line color.

Clear all:         clears the entired screen completly.

Clear line:       provides an eraser

Undo:             reverses the current drawings

Back:              saves your drawings into the database.