Business Supplier Management 1.0 - Document Detail

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BSM provides five different event categories - Meeting, Short Notice, Performance Audit, Tasks and Complaints - each of them from different complexity to match the nature of the event at best:


5-pager to document for big events like 'longer meetings', Negotiations, Project meetings. You can add business graphs, PDF attachments and audio files.
Short note:
1-pager to document phone call, short comments, ideas. You can add a PDF attachment and audio files.
Performance Audit:
5-pager to document an initiation. Business background, history, markets etc.. You can add a PDF attachment and a audio file.
1-pager to document phone call, short comments, ideas. You can add a PDF attachment and a audio file. You can quantify the expected opportunity.
 1-pager to define own, contact specific task. You can add a PDF attachment and a audio file. 

Template for Meeting
Template for Meeting

                                           Document Detail


When you create a new event document in BSM the summary page of the document appears. BSM tries to prepopulate as many information as possible from existing sources (supplier master data, native iPad-Calendar) and prefill this summary page and the appropiate inputfields. (you can overwrite this).



Setting event dates:


By tapping the 'date label' a date picker will appear where you've the choice of two ways to set a event :


1. Picker Roll: choose an appropiate date from the picker wheel and save.


2. Calendar search: tapping the button present the content of your iPad calenadr. Select an already scheduled activity from your native calendar and save.


In both case a dialogue appears where you can add a comment for your iPad calendar.Clicking outside the date picker let the windows disappear without any action.





Audio Recorder:


Each event template can have an audio note. The audio recoder allows you to take spoken comments and attach it to your document. To reduce memory consumption the max. duration is limited to 300 sec. The recorder buttons are compatible to the functions of a real life audi recorder:


Recorder buttons

  1. Start the voice recording
  2. Stop recording
  3. Play recorded audio file
  4. Reject the recorder





BSM is accounted to import PDF-files from every other iOS-App which provides an 'Open-In' function (i.e. Mail, Dropbox etc). When you tap the BSM icon in the 'open-in_ menu the following window appears. Select the appropiate PDF-file from the list and add it to your opened document.


An other way of importing PDF-files is the iTunes folder option. Connect your device and copy the PDF-file into the iTunes folder. Go back to BSM , open the PDF-attachment function and do the same thing as above.