Business Supplier Management 1.0 - Supplier business graphs

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With Supplier Business Graph you can present a 12 month period of customized supplier data. You can choose such a KPI what describes the performance measurement at best (i.e. purchases, invoices, order lines etc.). This page will describe how you can generate the necessary datasource for the graphs. 



Creating the datasource BNMetrics.mds:


The datasource for the business graph is a plain textfile called ‚BNMetrics.mds‘. Whether you import the data from the Internet, by iTunes-FileSharing or by import a mail attachment Business Notes expect a plain textfile named 'BNMetrics.mds'. 


The format of this file is quite simple and can also be generated manually by using a common ASCII-texteditor.



inApp editor


BSM comes with an inApp editor for the metrics data. This is the easiest way of managing supplier business data. The period appears in the headline of the graphs. Using the editor makes a lot of sense in case of a few suppliers.


Hint: take care that you leave this editor by tapping the SAVE-Button.



Bulk data import:


If you need to import bulk data (for many suppliers on a regular basis) the best way is to generate such numbers as a query from a business datawarehouse. The attached file below shows the format requirements for Business Notes.


If this leaves questions open please contact the MTbrain Support Team (eMail: for further details.



Example import file
BSM 1.0 Business Data Supplier
Text Dokument 102 Bytes

Importing the datasource into BSM:


If you have created the importfile BNMetrics.mds without using the in-App editor, you have several choices to import the date into BSM:



The creator send you the importfile as mail attachment. Simply touch the mail attachment and a menu will open to ask with which application you want top open that attachment. Choosing 'BSM' icon will handle all steps automatically.



Connect your device with iTunes and copy the file BNMetrics.mds into your device. In BSM goto the menubar of the Business Graph page and open the Filemanager.

The table will show all public files on the device. Choose BNMetrics.mds and press the button 'Import'.



The most elegant way to update and import BNMetrics.mds is the download from the Internet - or better - from your/your company WebPage.Open the filemanager of the upper navigationbar. The list of all publich BSM files appears.


Click download and BSM will connect to the choosen URL and looking for a file named BNMetrics.mds. That's it ... all other steps run automatically.

If you or your company have a download section on your WebPage follow these steps to setup the download link permanently :


  1. place the BNMetrics.mds file on your web page download area
  2. copy the URL link (without the filename BNMetrics.mds) into the Settings-area of Business Notes. 

Saving the URL in the Settings will make this link permanent unless you change it here in the Setting menu.


Hint: when you launch BSM the first time you will find a prepopulated URL which directs to a MTbrain download area, where the examples file lives. Override this link to download from your URL.