Business Supplier Management 1.0

Managing suppliers:


One way to bring  'added Value' to your business/company is to manage the supply chain and its suppliers sustainable and in a structured way. It plays no role wether your suppliers provides you materials or services, wether they're suppliers for indirect materials or direct materials, wether they're big or small.


That is the core of the first modul of MTbrain's Business Supplier Suite


                        Business Supplier Management 1.0 


One element of such a supplier management is the 'Target-Settings'-process and in its consequence the 'Performance Review'-process. But also the documentation of meeting, task and complaints are pieces which gives you an indication about the performance of your supplier. All this can be handled in detailed with BSM 1.0


Usually suppliers like it to talk together with customers about their goals and their requirements, because it gives them the chance to outperform and to become a future 'preferred' supplier.


Now, do them the favour and optimze your 'added value'. 



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