Questionnaire - CRM Business Notes

Dear CRM Business Notes User,


in the past we got a lot of feedback and recommendations from you regarding the new features for CRM Business Notes.


                                                      Many thanks for that !!


And... we're proud that we could realize most of them - so that we have evolved CRM Business Notes to one of the most complete, self-contained CRM tools for the iPad.


User survey - your voice counts !

Today we would like to ask you for two minutes time - asking your feedback on below questions. Your answers will be part of our development plans for CRM Business Notes. This survey form has been prolonged to September 2014 and we will report the results here on our web page.  (see below)


Please be assured - this questionnaire and your answers are completly anonymous and will be used only internally for MTbrain iOS Development.


2014-09-04: Survey results so far

Dear CRM Business Notes User,


many thanks that you have answered our survey. For us it's most important to understand your needs to implement the major trends in our software.


Unfortunately we didn't receive so many responses to be able to give you a clear statistical analysis, but we want inform you about the major trends we noticed so far:


  1. The majority of responders prefer the flat iOS7 design we offer alternatively in CRM Business Notes.
  2. The majority of responders are using Dropbox as iCloud drive (some are using Box, a minority Google Drive, nobody Apple iCloud).
  3. The majority of responders would like to have an eMail Client and intrinsic functionality in CRM Business Notes.
  4. The majority of responders are using Windows PC. The expectation of an PC companion/Backend Server app is approx. 50/50. 


What do we now do with the trends: Yes, as we've promised - your voice counts !


  • we will strip off the older iOS6 design from the app, what makes it easier for us.
  • we will foster and increase the Dropbox functionality and extend the Cloud Drive access to Box.
  • we've just finalized the integrated eMail Client functionality and will test it in a different app. On success we will implement it in CRM Business Notes also.
  • we postpone the decision of a PC companion app until we have a better numbers


So, if you didn't use the survey so far, but want to be part of the above - we would be really appreciate if you also answer the survey.


Many thanks

Your MTbrain team