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Dear Baldr1 user, in this section we'd like to inform you about the known bugs and its current resolve status. As we mentioned in every of our apps, don't hesitate to contact MTbrain - we apprectiate your feedback.

Version 2.6.1       no bugs so far


Version 2.7.0

  1. 2011-11-24 - the Converter Level 4 (Cv4) is temporarily not functional. Reasons are cornered; correction will happen with 2.7.1  (fixed)
  2. 2011-11-28 - conversion results will not save properly. Under investigation


Version 2.7.1 live on AppStore. Bugs of 2.7.0 fixed.


Version 2.9.0

  1. error in some conversion functions (area and volume conversion) due to mistaken crosslinked table. Bugfix comes with update 2.9.1. (fixed)


Version 2.9.2 PRO & LITE version)

  1. Initial screen colorless - in rare cases (on very first launch) the initial screen appears colorless. In such cases go straith into the settings menu and switch between the skins. We're currently working on that issue. (fixed)


Version 2.9.3 PRO 

  1. Only for german speaking countries (CH, AT): Localization - if the device language is german and the region settings other than Germany , the glossary entries are connected with the international Wikipedia sources. As a workaround: set the region settings of the device to Germany. Fix will come with next update. (fixed in 2.9.5)


Version 2.9.7 PRO 

  1. 2012-11-09 iPhone 5 issue only: the new screen geometry of the iPhone 5 does not fit. This will be fixed with the next update to 2.9.8.


2013-10-01 Scientific Calculator B1 and iOS7


In some cases user have reported crashes after installing iOS7. Our investigations showed us that this seems a bug in iOS7 and is outside of our possibilities.... but it's not a big thing:


Workaround: in such cases do the following 


a) remove the Calulator from Springboard and launch new or

b) restart the device or

c) reinstall the calculator.


One of the three steps  will work definitly.