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***** Latest News: 10/2013 *****


2013-10-01 Scientific Calculator B1 and iOS7


In some cases user have reported crashes after installing iOS7. Our investigations showed us that this seems a bug in iOS7 and is outside of our possibilities.... but it's not a big thing:


Workaround: in such cases do the following 


a) remove the Calulator from Springboard and launch new or

b) restart the device or

c) reinstall the calculator.


One of the three steps  will work definitly.



Calculator Baldr1 - LITE-Version

a new Lite-Version 2.9.5 of the popular Scientific Calculator B1 has been released. It comes for free ($0.00) and gives a good first taste of the PRO version. In this version we made all necessary preparations for the upcoming iOS7 - so that you have the same smooth user experience also under iOS7.


And if you're a fan of the new flat design in iOS7 - you can use it in the whole Calculator suite of MTbrain - simply switch the skins, the background and the accessoires in the settings. 


The adjustment of the PRO version to 3.0.0 will happen in the next days.


CHIP - Germanys most popular computer journal has published a review of MTbrain's Scientific Calculator B1 - 5 stars read more   




Scientific Calculator B1 - PRO Version

A prMAC Press Release of Scientific Calculator B1 has been published worldwide. To read ... follow the link above.