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In this section we want to give more background information around CRM Business Notes.


We have collect links to web pages, articles and information around the Sales Business where experienced Sales Professionals teaches the secret of sales success:

SalesBabble Blog by Pat Helmers

"Pat Helmers is a Business Coach, Strategist, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Personal and Professional Coach and Mentor. He is a husband, father, jogger, cyclist, and struggling golfer. Need coaching? I can help!"


by Pat Helmers


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Learn How To Grow Your Business ….Blog by Eben Pagan

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by Eben Pagan


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Harvard Business Review - The Sales Learning Curve


by Mark Leslie and Charles A. Holloway



".. ...because new-product launches often take longer and cost more than expected, many promising offerings are prematurely aborted. Smart companies give themselves time and money enough to climb the sales learning curve before ramping up the sales force. "


Read their article as PDF ….


Business Insider - How To Be Great At Selling Even If You Hate It