If you want to secure your game from unauthorized access, you have to register once on the game server and enter your login details. This also gives you the opportunity to participate in online functions such as the global leaderboard or the profile settings.


Note: from version 2.1 of Viking Journey you can play optionally without registration; then dispenses with the above-all online functions.


Why User Management ?

To make Viking Journey even more interesting to the player, e.g. for success-based rewards, the player must be known to the game server.

For example, in the following versions starting from version 1.2 a global Leaderboard is introduced, in which the player can see the global rankings of the top top scorers. In addition, we are planning a separate chat system in which the player can contact other players. In order to be able to implement these further developments, we need user management.


Registration on the Game Server:

For the very first visit, you must register once on the game server.

This includes the real email address, a player name (this can be completely fictitious, but may not yet be awarded) and a secure password. This password can be freely chosen by the player.


Player name:

The player name must be unique, as it is required for identification in the database. The player name can not be changed anymore.



The eMail address must be real, since only through this the MTbrain support is authorized to contact the player or perform administrative functions: e.g. for password reset, deletions or provision of other data.



There are no specifications for the password used, but it should conform to the general rules for secure passwords. The password itself is known only to the player, i. neither the server nor MTbrain know the password or have access to it.


If the password was forgotten, the MTbrain support should be contacted via eMail (


Login on the Game Server: 

For later visits, only the login procedure has to be carried out.





Profil & administration




























In the profile window the player can adapt the data of his avatar to his own ideas. With the further development of the chat system in subsequent versions, this profile data can be released by the player. The profile data can be changed at any time.



The regular update of the password increases the data security. Since the password is only known to the player, this change can only be made by him. To change the previous and the new password are required.