Game Settings 


The game settings can be set before each new game. They are retained until a new game has been chosen.















choose a language from the top-down menu. If only one entry is visible, simply drag the window slightly down with the cursor.

Game messages, dialogues, program messages and spoken dialogs now appear / sound in this language. Likewise temperature and dates are now in this language.



Choose - depending on your experience -, the level of difficulty from Easy to Difficult. An increased difficulty affects a variety of gameplay factors:

  • Number, combat power and frequency of appearance of your enemies
  • Deadlines for completing tasks are shortened
  • the probability of occurrence of disasters increases
  • the help of the inhabitants and the Büttels decrease

All in all, the probability of survival decreases dramatically with the difficulty level.


Sound effects:

Volume of background noise and effects.


Mouse sensitiv: (Version 1.2)

It determines the degree of rotation of the player during a lateral mouse movement. With high sensitivity, the mouse need only be moved a little to achieve a complete player rotation. Since the impact depends strongly on the individual screen size, each player should determine his own optimum.



Switch on/off Soundtrailers.


Hochauflösendes Wassersystem

Turning on or off the high-resolution water system. Since version 1.1 there is a new, high-resolution water system, which faithfully represents the sea in its movements and reflections.

Since this water system is very compute-intensive, it should only be used on well-equipped computers.


Scoring: (Version 1.2)

Every successful action, be it completed tasks, defeated enemies, construction of buildings, etc. increases the score of the player - in short, the more successful the player, the higher the score. Starting with version 1.2, the best scorers in the world will be made visible with their maximum score. Selecting this option allows the player to decide if he wants to participate in this worldwide scoring.


Diagnostics: (Version 1.2)

If this option is selected, anonymized diagnostic data are sent to the game server. Diagnostic data are important program data for usage, errors or crashes. It help us to identify the possible reasons and/or to increase the operability. The data are collected only in an anonymous, aggregated form and therefore they does not contain any individual personal data.