How to move

Viking Journey is a classic W-A-S-D game. This means that the control is done via keyboard and mouse. The character is moved by the WASD keys forward, back, left and right. The arrow keys also simulate these movements. When the SHIFT button is pressed at the same time, the character runs, with SPACE it jumps.


Player rotation: to rotate the player (and his view) or to look up/down, move the mouse pointer in the direction in which the character should look.


Menus: the most important menus can be displayed via the keyboard keys (see keyboard layout). The mouse pointer is also needed to select points within menu windows or dialogs.


Displaying menus: in order to offer the most tidy screen possible during the game, all menu points can be hidden. When you press the [m] key, all menus are entered or hidden again 


Rotation block: it can be easier at the beginning, if you decouple player rotation and mouse movement. This means that the field of view does not rotate with the mouse movement, when you want to reach a menu point with the mouse pointer.


To achieve a rotation block, simply press the [q] key. A yellow icon in the lower right corner now indicates that the player rotation is blocked. Now you can move the mouse pointer over the screen without the player moving along.


If you want to unlock this lock again, simply press the [q] key again.


Automatic rotation block: if you move the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen (approx. 1 cm up, bottom, right, left) or move the mouse pointer very quickly, the system recognizes that you want to reach a menu point and automatically switches the player rotation From.


main screen



  1. the inventory manager of the central warehouse (management of goods & prices)
  2. the building manager for creating buildings
  3. The Quest Manager provides an overview of all tasks
  4. The production manager reports when production sites need help
  5. Slider island tax - adjusts the current sales tax
  6. the player menu displays your condition and the effects of potions
  7. your fighter menu allows you to steer your guards.
  8. equips you with a helmet, if available
  9. equips you with a chain mail, if available
  10. equips you with boots, if available
  11. Armed yourself with the pike, if available
  12. Armed yourself with the sword, if available
  13. Armed yourself with the bow, if available
  14. Armed yourself with the fireball, if available
  15. shows the current combat power value of all available enemies
  16. displays the current combat power value of all available guards
  17. indicates the current time of day
  18. indicates your health
  19. shows your armor value
  20. Timer for countdown some tasks
  21. opens the map of the area
  22. indicates that you consume food
  23. the ambient temperature that affects you
  24. the current outside temperature
  25. the current date according to the Nordic calendar
  26. the player goes steadily forward
  27. current weapon strikes