Viking Journey 2

The Story

Welcome to the fantastic, dark world of Ulfberth - the Viking. Once Marshall in the army of the great Viking leader Ubba.


We write the year 853 a.D. - the dark years. The peoples of the Vikings enter the stage of world history. They leave their barren home in the far north of Europe in search of new settlement opportunities. Wild Viking hordes devastate the coasts of England and spread fear and terror. They bring death and make rich booty. Irish monks fight for the spread of a new faith - Christianity. But the old faith is strong and its gods are powerful.


In one of the raids on the coasts of England, the Viking army gets into a nasty storm. The army sinks, only Ulfberth scarcely survives and is washed to the shores of a lonely island.

Come and slip into the role of our hero and experience from his view the world of the 8th century as it really was :

  • realistic viking village, buildings and landscape
  • full animated habitants and warriors
  • attacking viking ship and cruel enemies
  • realistic combats
  • detailed economics for production and merchandising
  • a challenging quest system and surprising events