News 15.01.2020


New Update-Version 2.1

Version 2.1 of Viking Journey 2 is expected to be available in the Microsoft Store from January 16. This update is recommended for all Viking Journey 2 players as it includes some minor bug fixes.


In addition, we have made the login procedure on the game server flexible, so that you no longer have to log in, but can also play the game anonymously. However, you cannot use then the functions of the server.


22.12.2019 Viking Journey 2 - In Microsoft Store


Version 2.0 is a new and independent version of Viking Journey.

Requirements: Windows 10 PC (no XBox), min. 6GB Ram, Mouses, Keyboard, Internet


It contains 8 additional game scenes and an Island-Shop, where you can buy various things.


Game scenes:

Valhalla - this scene is the beginning and the end. Here you meet the God of Thunder - Thor, but also some other Norse Gods. Here you'll get Thors' order. If you can stay it, you will return to this scene and into the Halls of Valhalla.


Skullwald - Your fief, which you need to develop to might & prosperity with power and brain. But the hostile circumstances and dangerous enemies makes your life a pain. Difficult to fulfill Thos' order.


The Old Castle - a secret castle from ancient times. Here you can learn a lot of secret knowledge and the blind guardian asks you to dance.


The Old Forge - the starting point to learn which weapons were forged here and how you can get them.


Ranulfs Hut - the wizard's hut contains a complete alchemist laboratory. Here you can try to brew valuable potions and much more. But think of the 'Zauberlehrling' ...


The Hunting Lodge - the hut was once the home of the Great Hunter until it was attacked by enemies. Now it's guarded by deadly enemies.


The Old Taverne - a place to cheer up and relax ... or not?


Kalstark - a volcanic island and once a thriving trading metropolis. Today a single battlefield where large Christian armies and your berserk army face off in battle. Free the island from its occupiers and revive trade.


The Island-Shop

The currency of the island is silver. With silver you can buy everything in the shop - from raw materials, secret keys, workers, expansion scenes to entire levels. You earn silver from your goods production, which must then be sold in the maritime trade. Alternatively, you can also buy silver directly in the island shop.

Note: however, the game is designed so that with a little patience it can be played without buying silver.





Keys Setup

We have added many new buttons so that you can now reach relevant menu items by pressing a button.

  • Taste [W-A-S-D oder Pfeiltasten]: moves the player
  • Taste [Shift]: player runs
  • Taste [Space]: player jumps
  • Maus: player rotate
  • Taste [q] : Rotation block on/off
  • Taste [m] : Game menu on/off
  • Taste [esc]: Close dialogues and opens Exit Menu
  • Taste [1]: Attacks with pike
  • Taste [2]: Attacks with sword
  • Taste [3]: Attacks with axe (at Version 2.1)
  • Taste [4]: Attacks with bow
  • Taste [5]: Attacks with fireball
  • Taste [6] : Inventory-Menu
  • Taste [7] : Construction Menu
  • Taste [8] : Mission-Manager
  • Taste [9] : Opens Minimap
  • Taste [0] : Messages of production facilities


Camera Blockade:

Usually the player aligns himself with the mouse cursor. However, this also applies if you want to use the mouse cursor to access menu functions on the edge of the screen - the camera moves with you.

The camera rotation is blocked by pressing the [q] key, so that you can now reach the menu items with the mouse cursor without the camera moving.


Pressing the [q] key again releases the camera blockade. In the course of this change, we have also attached other menu functions to keys.




PC settings:

At the start of a new game, you can adapt the game to the performance of your PC.

  • The default settings were selected so that they fit the most used PC type.
  • Mouse sensitivity: Can be set between 1-100. 1 = sluggish and 100 = very sensitive. Values between 10 and 30 usually offer the best compromise.
  • Graphics resolution: Can be set between 1-5 and depends on the performance of the PC. The goal is 60 FPS. 1 = low resolution. 5 = highest resolution. From level 4 (high-performance PCs), all image effects are now also displayed.
  • High-resolution water system: offers a very beautiful, realistic water display, which, however, requires a lot of computing power. Lower-performing PCs can therefore switch to the simpler water system in the event of jerky graphics.

Viking Journey 2 is a completely new game, with its own logic and databases. Therefore, it cannot be played with saved games from the previous version. However, the user data from the previous version, such as username and password, can also be used in Viking Journey 2.