News 01.08.2018


Steam Windows Update - Viking Journey 1.3 (from 01.08.2018)


Over the past 8 weeks we have received a comprehensive and mostly constructive response to version 1.2 - thanks for that. We have now worked hard and incorporated most of the addressed changes. The result are many, profound changes and optimizations to the characters, the island environment and the gameplay itsself. Major point in this update was to increase the Adventure & Battle functions.


But also all animations were reworked, the gameplay adapted and the difficulty levels changed. So in the difficulty mode "Easy" there are many additional views and help to make it easier for the newbie in Viking Joureny to get started. In addition, there are additional settings for the mouse sensitivity and the background sound, but also in the main scene can be reached.


Important NOTE:

Due to the profound structural changes, especially in the object relations stored games from previous versions can show up with smaller incompatibilities. Therefore we recommend in that case to start with a fresh game.


Changes in detail:


  • The terrain has been expanded to include additional topologies, finds, and traps (all levels).
  • The sound management and sound effects have been completely redesigned.
  • In bankruptcy the player goes to jail instead of dying (all levels)
  • In the Easy Playmode, the player receives a serving of protective potion that protects him for 12 hours (in-game time)
  • In Easy Playmode, the player gains additional views for assistance.
  • The animations of the bailiff Horolf have been improved and his AI extended (all levels)
  • New Animations and AI Behaviors for Residents (Level 2+), All Workers (All Levels), Construction Sites (All Levels), and Combat Teams (Level 2+)
  • The pirate port has been redesigned. He now receives palisades, a warhorn and a new AI. (from level 4)
  • The major tent of Ranulf -the shaman- receives additional functions, e.g. Fellow travelers on trading trips (from level 4)
  • The Quest manager and the reward system have been developed in content and process (all levels)
  • The Trading book for the maritime trade has been further developed and simplified in its use (all levels)
  • The watch function of the enemies (black birds, guard tower crews) receives a new monitoring function that allows the player to slip undetected.
  • The mobile enemies (pirates, bats, spiders) receive a revised AI that will improve the attacking ability on players & friends. In addition, the raiding parties can destroy locked gates now.
  • The weapon function of the player and its operation has been renewed. Key [1] = Attack with Pike. Key [2] = attack with sword. Key [3] = Attack with battle ax (from version 1.4). Key [4] = attack with bow. Button [5] = attack with fireball. The targeting is done with the mouse pointer.



News 01.06.2018


Hello Gamer,

on May, 31st we have released the STEAM-Windows version for Viking Journey 1.2 in the STEAM Shop. The content and the story is the same as in the Version 1.2 for Mac & Windows Store, but we optimized the handling and memory management.


Have fun

Your MTbrain Team



News 14.5.2018


Dear Gamer,

on 14.05.2018 we have release the Windows-Version of Viking Journey 1.2 at the Microsoft Store. This version is content wise identical with the Mac-Version 1.2 and runs with  Windows 10.


Have fun

Your MTbrain Team



 News 01.5.2018

on 01.05.2018 we have released version 1.2 of Viking Journey in the AppStore. In the past few months we have been quite busy - cleaned up the basement, cleared out the storage, brought out the trash and refreshed MakeUp.


Technically improvements:

Technically, that means we've made improvements to memory management and game performance and overworked all animations and graphs.


New functions:


Global Scoring:

An optional global scoring has been set up. In this the world's best players are listed with their highest scores. In the settings menu you can decide if you want to share the Global Scoring highest.



Anonymized reports on crashes & errors are very important for root cause and resolution. The collection and submission of such reports is optional and can be turned off by you.


Player agility and rotation:

Before each new game, you can set the horizontal mouse sensitivity to your needs in the Settings menu. The higher the value, the easier the player rotates around himself and the mouse distances become smaller.


Use weapons:

The firing of weapons can now also be performed with the right mouse button in addition to the number buttons 1-5 (if you have selected a weapon).


Enemy AI:

The AI of the enemies has been improved so that they recognize better when paths are closed and therefore consider new attack routes. In addition, enemies can now attack and destroy defensive gates.


Friend AI:

The Friends' AI has been improved so they can better recognize these obstacles and automatically seek a way out.


Shipping routes:


The routes of your merchant ship and the patrolling pirate ships have been optimized and run more homogeneous.


Have fun

Your MTbrain team



News 14.12.2017


only a few weeks have passed since the initial release of VikingJourney 1.0, but previous downloads are already exceeding our expectations. As a small thank you to you, we have released version 1.1 on 14.12.2017.


What does Version 1.1 do?

In addition to many minor enhancements and bugfixes, this version 1.1 now includes a great looking, 'high resolution' water system that you can turn off or on in the settings for a new game.


Tips & Tricks:

In the last few days, we got the question more often about the preferred game settings in terms of appearance and performance.


Based on our standard test environment: iMac 8 GB RAM, 1.5 GB VRAM, 2.2 GHz 64-bit processor, we select the quality level: GOOD in the input menu of the game, with a screen resolution of 1600 * 900. In the game itself we go into the FULL SCREEN Fashion. These settings seem to us the best compromise.


Have fun

Your MTbrain team