News 21.11.2018


Windows Update - Viking Journey 1.7 on STEAM-Shop


Version 1.7 is a major update. As before, we've incorporated your suggestions and wishes. With the new feature "Power & Intrigue" we have started to build up a new game strategy, which represents another challenge for our hero Ulfberth. With this background, we have reworked also all dialogues and adapted them to the new game features.


In addition to the expansion of the terrain around many new natural elements - rocks, trees and landscapes - we have also optimised the entire code base in order to meet the increased performance requirements. Also, the handling of the game itself - rotation lock, key and mouse operation, we have expanded. Below is the details of these changes.


The changes described above go deep into the object, dialogue and terrain structure of the game. Therefore, after upgrading to version 1.7 , we recommend to start a fresh game.


Have fun.

Your MTbrain team



Changes in detail:


Power & Intrigue

Some of the inhabitants have turned away from the old faith and became Christians. They keep their new faith in secret and are no longer well-disposed to you. They want to spread their new faith, but you and your followers are obstacles. Therefore they sabotage your efforts to let the the island grow to prosperity and power. They burn down houses, grapple with your enemies, they do not even shrink from murder. You have to identify them quickly and make them harmless, because the damage they do is significant and will eventually lead to your destruction.


Chest Key:

Most of the hidden treasure chests now require a master key. Find it and carefully check the contents of the chest before using or taking it. But this key does not help with every chest - some chests you have to open by force, others take you violence extremely bad.


Potions - Treasure View and Hazard View:

These potions have been expanded to reveal now most of the existing treasures and traps. But remember, you still can not portion the potions. Once activated, they consume themselves until there are empty.


Additional key assignment:

We have added many new button keys so that you can reach relevant menu items now also by pressing a button key. The functions of the previous keys is retained.


Rotation lock camera:

Normally, your view aligns with the mouse cursor. However, this also applies if you want to reach the menu functions at the border of the screen - the camera and thus your rotation moves with. By pressing the key [q] the camera rotation is blocked, so that you can now reach the menu items without the camera moving. Pressing the [q] key again unlocks the camera. In the course of this change, we have also connected most of the other menu functions to button keys.


All new modifier keys:

  • [Q] key:      rotation lock on / off
  • [M] key:     Opens the game menu
  • [Esc] key:   Opens the exit menu
  • Key [6]:      Inventory menu
  • Key [7]:      Baumenue
  • Key [8]:      Mission Manager
  • Key [9]:      Opens the minimap
  • Key [0]:      Status messages of the production sites


Quality Settings:

The speed of a game's graphics depends not only on the depth of detail, pixel quality and graphics settings, but also on the number of objects to be displayed. That's why you can also choose the level of quality before every launch of Viking Journey,  allowing you to customize the game settings, suitable for your PC and its performance.


In version 1.7 we now offer additional options to choose the game settings so that they behave optimally with your PC.


Presentation in quality level:        Good (and worse)                        Beautiful (and better)


Shadows                                       no                                               yes

Clouds                                          yes                                              yes

Moon                                            yes                                              yes

Stars                                             no                                               yes

Dust clouds transport                   no                                               yes

Twinkle shadow fire                      no                                               yes


That from the "Beautiful" quality setting, all game details are displayed in addition to the improved graphics parameters.



News 30.09.2018


Windows Update - Viking Journey 1.6 on STEAM-Shop


In the past weeks we were eager to read your suggestions regarding GamePlay improvements. Now we're happy that we can incorporate most of them within this version 1.6.


Enhancements in Gameplay:

  • The Terrain of Skullwald, Kalstark and Westfjord has been enriched with new textures, heigh maps and additionally treasures and traps.
  • Right from the beginning there're now two Swordmen in place to protect you from enemies. Later on you can icrease the number of swordmen by choosing the appropiate fief letter.
  • Enemies can occur now from level 1 on. The number of enemies is related to the choosen difficulty degree.
  • The Headquarter of Ranulf, the Shamane did receive some new functions. Check the tools on the table - when it appears.
  • Both areas Kalstark and Westfjord - where you can transform to - has been extended (Buildings, Weapons, Treasure). The related Transform function has been improved.
  • VillageGuards and Enemies did receive more detailed armor and weapons. The combat animations of the VillageGuards and the Enemies has been extended and optimized.
  • The Player - Ulfberth got a new WeaponController , which makes the handling of Sword & Shield more accurate.

Enhancements in Technics:

  • Lock Camera Rotation: By pressing [q] during gameplay the MouseLook Rotation will be blocked and the Camera is no longer following the Mouse Cursor. Pressing [q] again will unlock the Camera Rotation again.
  • Increase Rendering Performance: from this version on we use different technics to improve the graphic performance (i.e. we're using the Vulcan API). By this the Graphic Performance on all our test maschines increases by 50-80% without showing any incompatibilty issues.