News 30.09.2018


Windows Update - Viking Journey 1.6 on STEAM-Shop


In the past weeks we were eager to read your suggestions regarding GamePlay improvements. Now we're happy that we can incorporate most of them within this version 1.6.


Enhancements in Gameplay:

  • The Terrain of Skullwald, Kalstark and Westfjord has been enriched with new textures, heigh maps and additionally treasures and traps.
  • Right from the beginning there're now two Swordmen in place to protect you from enemies. Later on you can icrease the number of swordmen by choosing the appropiate fief letter.
  • Enemies can occur now from level 1 on. The number of enemies is related to the choosen difficulty degree.
  • The Headquarter of Ranulf, the Shamane did receive some new functions. Check the tools on the table - when it appears.
  • Both areas Kalstark and Westfjord - where you can transform to - has been extended (Buildings, Weapons, Treasure). The related Transform function has been improved.
  • VillageGuards and Enemies did receive more detailed armor and weapons. The combat animations of the VillageGuards and the Enemies has been extended and optimized.
  • The Player - Ulfberth got a new WeaponController , which makes the handling of Sword & Shield more accurate.

Enhancements in Technics:

  • Lock Camera Rotation: By pressing [q] during gameplay the MouseLook Rotation will be blocked and the Camera is no longer following the Mouse Cursor. Pressing [q] again will unlock the Camera Rotation again.
  • Increase Rendering Performance: from this version on we use different technics to improve the graphic performance (i.e. we're using the Vulcan API). By this the Graphic Performance on all our test maschines increases by 50-80% without showing any incompatibilty issues.

Due to the many and the very deep structural changes (terrain, textures, object structure and animations) 'Saved Games' from earlier version did not cover all of the above mentioned changes and should be avoided.