CRM Business Deals 2.0 - the Orderline Manager

The Orderline Manager


The Orderline-Manager is designed to manage a repetitive business for product based items and a services based items as well. In the Orderline-Manager you can :


a) create orderlines manually

b) transfer catalogitems into a orderline

c) create catalogitems manually


The button 'transfer to proposal' will transfer the aggregated values into the 'Value proposal' field of th summary page.



Create ordelines manually:

Orderlines will be created in input section of the left view. Following information are needed :


Item ID

Item Name

Item Description

Volumne of item

Item price

Value of orderline (will be calculated automatically)



Create orderlines by adding catalogitems:

Search the appropiate catalogitem and input the volumne. By leaving the volume input field the catalogitem will be transferred to a newly created orderline.


Create catalogitems manually:

Catalogues and its content will be managed in the righthand list of the view. A single catalogitems contains following information :


Item ID

Item Name

Item Description

Unit of measure (i.e.: Package)

Content of unit  (i.e.: 12 Piece)

Itemprice (per Unit of measure)


After having all together click 'add to' and add the new item to your catalog. 


Import catalog data from a CSV-File


The most common way of creating catalogitems is using Microsoft Excel (or a compatible 'Open Source' application, like OpenOffice).


We strongly recommend to download and use the attached Excel-Template. This template is 'ready-to-use' without having any concerns about appropiate structures or field names. (if you decide to create your own template you must ensure the exact field names, the number of rows and the exact order of rows - otherwise the import will fail).


The content of the fields must not contain any characters which are used by the system to read and split the file. Such characters are: ',' comma  and ';' semicolon. The structure, the field names and the file name BN_Catalog.csv must not be changed. A single exmaple entry should guide you through the field input.


If questions on importing CSV-Files are left open, please contact the the MTbrain Support Team (eMail: 


Excel-Template for Catalog data
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 6.5 KB

The generation of the CSV-Files through Excel is described in detail here Addressdata Import....


Hint: take care that you use for the Catalog-Import the CSV filename 'BN_Catalog.csv'.