CRM Business Deals 2.0 - PDF Attachments

Importing a PDF

Business Deals is accounted to import PDF-files from every other iOS-Application which provides an 'Open-In' function (i.e. Mail, Dropbox etc). When you tap the Business Deals icon in the 'Open-In' menu the PDF goes to right folder.


Another way of importing PDF-files is the iTunes folder option. Connect your device and copy the PDF-file into the iTunes folder. Go back to Business Deals, open a documents, open the PDF-attachment function and do the same thing as above.


Attaching a PDF

To attach now the PDF you should open a meeting document open and select 'PDF-Manager' from the attachment Popup. Select the appropiate PDF-file from the file list and add it to your opened document.

If you want to exchange an already attached PDF - first remove the old one and then attach the new PDF as described above.



Since event databases like the one here in Business Notes can easily grow up to several thousand entries, the app performance can be impacted negatively. Therefore we recomend to limit the PDF attachments to a few pages only per event.