CRM Business Deals 2.0 - the Dealmanager

The Dealmanager


CRM Business Deals contains a full-blown Dealmanager for creating proposal & deals for your business. Whether you've a product base business or services based business the Dealmanager allows you to create dedicated products & services pricelists and uses it for your proposals/deals. 

The Deal List displays all deal documents of the selected customer. It's ordered by the 'Creation-Date' , where a single list entry displays following information:


1. Deal title, value proposal, value contract, deal status, creation date and your name.

2. Further information about the document status

  • bookmark - you have bookmarked this event


Function of a list entry:


Edit document:

Select a cell for further action.


Distribute document:

Select the cell menu '' to distribute your document.


Delete document:

By left swiping the entry the Deletion process starts.




Switches to the OnLine Help.


Filters the deal by its status


Searches full text in all deals. The 'Last'-Button repeats the last search.


Add a new deal.


Refresh the list


Filters all deal which proposal period will end within the next 5 days.


Filters all 'bookmarked' deals.