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18/001 2018-03-10 New version: 'CRM Business Deals 3.0'


Dear user of 'CRM Business Deals',


we were finally able to publish 'CRM Business Deals 3.0' to the AppStore-Review. We expect Apples’ ok within the next days. Unfortunately, this update was given urgency because the company Dropbox installed new services, but without to ensure backwards-compatibility with previous apps! A completely unusual, surprisingly anti-customer related behavior of Dropbox, which is usually unknown in the iOS world.


Anyway, we took the situation and, in addition to many adjustments to iOS 11, we made a complete overhaul and extension of cloud services. Now you can use in Business Deals not only Dropbox, but also GoogleDrive, Box and OneDrive (more to follow). So if you already have an account with one of these providers, you can now use your cloud storage files in Business Deals as well.


Other fixes:

  • Incompatibilities in the Dropbox feature have been fixed with the new cloud service.
  • Incompatibilities with iOS 11 in the email and print function have been fixed.
  • Access errors to the online help have been fixed.
  • Data transport and web displays set up via an encrypted HTTPS connection.
  • The appearance of the print & mail layout has been improved.


Have fun

Your MTbrain team