CRM Business Deals 2.0 - Features

On this page MTbrain iOS Development would like to inform about the changes of the various versions of CRM Business Deals. This release notes gives you a quick overview the new features and how to operate it.


Hint: please also refer to the below mentioned beta-hints. Functions in beta status are currently under development and are not completely finalized and may contain bugs. Please follow our recommendation of use. Such functions may change in future version.  



2015-07-31 Version 2.1.0 - new Feature Release

after almost 1 year of intensive programming work, we have completed the redesigned version 2.1 of our CRM Business Deals, which has entered now the testing phase. The expected date for the Go Live in the Apple AppStore is End of July 2015th

In addition to many internal features whic covers the database functions, the peformance and stability we have made other major improvements

in the Customer Management

in the address book synchronization

the sales order logic

the inclusion of extended company data

in the creation of official financial documentation for the mail and print function