CRM Business Deals 2.0 - Importing Contact Data from Addressbook

iPad addressbook
iPad addressbook

Utilizing iPad Address book import

A well managed iPad address book leads to an easy way of importing contact data into Business Deals.


The 'Customer Manager View' started with the '+' button of the 'Customer Selection View' let appear the 'addressbook'-button.  Click it and all existing contacts of your the address book appears. Business Deals will import the contact data.


Due to wide possibilities of the iPad-Address book database, especially for phone, eMail and address information, Business Deals will focus on the respective labels according the below described crossreference rules:


Crossreference between iPad Addressbook labels and Business Deals customer entries

Phone label in Addressbook

main =


iPhone =


mobile =


Address label in Addressbook


work =


private =


others =


in Business Notes Customer Manager

Phone number


Mobile 1


Mobile 2


in Business Notes


Visiting address


Central Address


Shipping Address


Hint: if you create a contact manually within the Customer Management sheet, the apps' original addresslabel will be transferred into your addressbook.