CRM Business Deals 2.0 - Customer Data Management

Customer Management function : Edit & Add


The Customer Data Management comes with following customer related functionality:


  1. edit address information
  2. add images (i.e. portraits, bizcards, logos)
  3. edit customer typologic information
  4. Import and Export single entries from/to your Addressbook
  5. Geolocation shows the contact's location (and yours if you're nearby)
  6. make Routeplanning from your position to contact's location


Create & Edit contact information


The unique identficiation of customers happens by the combination of  FIRSTNAME,LASTNAME and the COMPANYNAME. Therefore this information is mandatory. 


On contact creation an artificial company name out of <Lastname, Firstname - freelancer>. will be created. This 'artifical' company name can be changed at any time.


All other entry fields are not mandatory. The easiest way to fill-in customer data is the import from the address book.


Manual Import from Addressbook:

Read how to import contact data from the addressbook into Business Deals:

Import Data from Addressbook


Bulk Import from Textfile:

Business Deals provides also an additional way to import contact data - the bulk import from a CSV-Textfile. Bulk import of contact data from CSV-Textfile



Smart-Sync establishs an automatic background synchronization with your Addressbook. Each time you create a customer initially or import it from the Addressbook the SmartSync is establsihed. From this time on any changes on this customer in your Addressbook or in CRM Business Deals will be synchronized automatically. 



The Tabbar-Functions:


Address details:

switches back from the Classification sheet


Addressbook Import:

Within 'Adding'-Mode you can import a new entry from your addressbook.


Customer details:

switches to the Customer Typology classification where you can add further importnat information about your customer and its behavior.


Deletion of contacts

Removing of single contacts will also remove all corresponding documents. Since a customer can have a very complex document structure CRM Business Deals offer an archive operation of all relevant documents - for a later Undo-Operation.


Undo Customer Deletion ?

For the case that you want revert a deletion, you can dearchive the above mentioned file. Go to the Filemanager which list all archives and click the 'dearchiving symbol' within a list entry.



All data and files will be restored into its original state, except calendar entries.



Since the 'Archiving/Dearchiving' process is one of the most expensivest processes in CRM Business Deals, it can take up to 3-5 sec.


Geolocation and Routing



Having the customer address information (TOWN & STREET at least) for Visiting/Shipping/Central CRM Business Deals will show this location on the map within a region of 8 km.

Simply press the respective Address-Button. If your current position is within this area your position will show as a blue bubble.


Route Planning

Clicking the 'World'-symbol in the left hand menu in the map - leads you to maps route planning app. The current geolocation coordinates will be transferred.