CRM Business Deals - Contact Management

The 'Contact Screen' is the initial entry point of 'CRM-Business-Deals'. Most actions and functions starts here and need the selection of a customer.


Functions of the Contact list:




switch to OnLine Help


create a new customer


add a new contact to the company


full text search in customer data


repeats last search

right characters

alphabetical index for fast scrolling


The Contact Detail view


Selecting a list entry will update the detail view. From here you will be led to the four customer related functions:




Edit address data and specifications for an existing customer

Create and present customer related business KPIs

Creates Proposal & Deals, let you utilize order lines from an item catalogue

Give an statistical overview of all proposal for the selected customer

Displays the mail history

Connects to your Cloud Storage Service

 The Menu bar:


The Menu Bar contains two Buttons - a Selection Menu Button and Toolbox Button. They lead to some general functions:



Selection Button

Leads you to following information:

  • Show all activities
  • Show all orders
  • Switch to Filemanager

Toolbox Button

Leads to following information:

  • Switch to the Settings menu
  • Shows the Release Notes
  • Switch the Online Help
  • Show Cloud Services Information
  • Shows MTbrain' app catalog
  • Show the Impressum