CRM Business Mail - Version support

On this page we describe reproducible events/bug of the most recent CRM direct version. We talk about the  background and if available an appropriate workaround. 

2016-08-26 - Error on Update to iOS 9.3


the recent update to iOS 9.3 seems to contain a non-documented code change, which may lead to a crash during the CRM 'direct' launch procedure. In such a case simply reload the newest version of CRM 'direct' from your purchase and install it 'over' the existing iPad version. By doing this, all your data will stay.


2015-10-25 Bug in iOS 9


the latest operating system update to iOS 9 appears to contain an error that can cause CRM Business Notes files from the Internet can not load. Essentially that affects the retrieval of an internet link list that controls the on-line help. A workaround update that bypasses the OS error is currently in progress. - IOS8 devices are not affected.


Workaround: You can find the content of the Online Help 1: 1 on our websites.


 2014-12-18 Version 1.0.0 


Backup Versioning: 

A bug in the version check before downloaded Dropbox Backup files will be read into the Database can lead to an "Mismatched Version"-Error. Due to the "iTunes Holiday Shutdown" for developers the bug fixed version will come in the first week of January.