CRM Business Mail - Mail Client Manager


With the integration of standard IMAP Mail-Server (i.e. Google Mail, AOL Mail etc) we offer an interesting opportunity to integrate your customer mails directly into your CRM direct app. You can transfer the mail itself and all corresponding attachements into your log.


Why using a separate eMail-Client ? - The normal mail app of your device does not allow the fetching of incoming mails, furthermore it does not allow folder and a flexible attachment management. 


Here CRM direct comes into play and extend the capabilties of your iPad enormously ! You can receive and send eMails, you can create and delete folders. Supported eMail-Format is IMAP/SMTP (POP3 is not supported, see below).



Setting up the eMail-Client


CRM direct is capable to install IMAP eMail-Server which follows the standard IMAP procedure. The provided examples for standard eMail providers has been tested successfully. (SSL - port 993, TLS - port 143). For providers not listed in the setup menu, ask the provider for the settings and the IMAP/SMTP addresses.


Be aware:

  1. the many popular eMail-Provider (Google, AOL, Yahoo etc.) offers the modern IMAP/SMTP protocol which is secure at data transmission and is save regarding the server integrity - means all your mails on the server remains in the original stage.
  2. for good reasons CRM direct does not support POP3. The POP3 is an older, unsecure protocol format which stores all mail locally and deletes the original mails on your mail server after downloading - no option for a mobile device.
  3. some other IMAP/SMTP eMail-Provider has left the standard way and may have installed it's own special authentification or port settings. This settings may not be covered by CRM direct. Other provider asks for a specific 'mobile' eMail password (i.e. Yahoo), screen name or authentication procedure.


Some Tips:

In normal case the setup of the eMail Client runs without any problems, especially if your eMail provider has utilized the standard IMAP settings. For the case that the eMail provider use special settings, we have implemented two messages which should give you a good indication where the problem might be:


Stable connection error:

an IMAP connection couldn't be established: means something is wrong with your imap/smtp settings (port, server address). Contact your eMail-Provider for the correct settings and its options.


Authentification error:

IMAP/SMTP settings are correct and a server-connection has been established, but something in your user credentials (user name, password) is wrong. 



In normal cases the field 'Username' is uncritical and will not be tested by the Server. In cases of Authentification Errors choose exactly the username you are using also in your desktop application or try to use your eMail address as username. (some Servers are testing also the username for authentication).



Use exactly the same password as you use in your desktop application ! CRM direct stores your encrypted password in a safe place, but we do not know your password and we are not able to revitalize a forgotten password. In such cases contact your eMail Provider for a new password and change it later in CRM direct. 



Normally the port 993 and SSL encryption works successfully. In cases of 'Stable connection error' because a firewall try port 143 (which switches the SSL encryption off).