CRM Business Mail - Features

MTbrain iOS Development would like to inform about the changes of the various versions of CRM Business Mail. This release notes should give a quick overview about the new features.


Hint: please also refer to the below mentioned beta-hints. Functions in beta status are currently under development and may contain bugs. Please follow our recommendation for usage. Also such functions may change in future version.  


2015-07-28:  New Maintenance Release 2.1.1

A new maintenance release has been published to the AppStore.


The function for searching new AddressBook entries has been deprecated temporarily, because big AddressBook (> 1,000 Entries ) may cause a memory bottleneck. After realizing an optional background search we intending to release this function again.

2015-07-18 : CRM Business Mail 2.1.0


A new feature release has been published to the AppStore. We’ve made new Features and Optimizations in the following areas:


1. Filter INBOX-Folder:

You can now filter your Mail-Inbox directly by the currently selected contact without searching & filtering the whole INBOX folder. 

2. Creating Logs from e-Mail:

On of the key-features of CRM Business Mail is that you can easily create a log-document from an incoming eMail - a completely new mail-feature which is not supported by the Apple Mail-App. In this version of CRM Business Mail we’ve made this process more smooth and stable.

3. Improved access strategy for AddressBook:

We improved the access strategy for the AddressBook which allows now the unique fetch, if i.e. your iCloud AddressBooks and various local AddressBooks are out of sync.


4. Performance improvement on importing and fetching huge AddressBooks:

Fetch and Update processes of the AddressBook are now backgrounded to optimize the foreground speed.


5. Activity Manager:

On creating a new Activity you can decide to transfer this activity to calendar or not - no every schedule needs to be a calendar alarm.


6. FileChooser:

Every file choosing function in CRM Business Mail (Filemanager and Attachmentmanager) detects now an existing Dropbox connection and let you switch between a Local search or a Cloud search.


2015-01-27 : CRM Business Mail 2.0.0 (formerly CRM direct)


The newest version of CRM Business Mail (formerly CRM direct) has significant improvements of the below mentioned core functionalities in order to make a document exchange with CRM Business Notes 4.0.0.



The Calendar operations has been changed from the ground up. With a granted access to your Calendar all schedules will be edited within your calendar directly. This makes Calendar synchronization between devices via iCloud less error prone.

Activity Manager:

This version got a complete new Activity-Manager. You can now create all Logs & Tasks also directly within the Activity-Manager. The corresponding documents and also the respective calendar schedules will be created automatically. Clicking the disclosure button of an activity list entry will direct you to the respective document. Read  more ....

DataExchange with CRM Business Notes:

CRM Business Mail 2.0 has been extended to create and send documents for CRM Business Notes 4.0, including calendar dates. You can now combine the best of two worlds - CRM Business Notes Pro & CRM Business Mail 2.0 Be aware: to use this function you need to have CRM Business Notes 4.0 installed on your device. Read more ...


Every file choosing function in CRM Business Mail (Filemanager and Attachmentmanager) let you select a Local Search or a Dropbox Search  explicitly.



2014-11-20 : Welcome to CRM direct



Hier finden Sie hilfreiche Neuigkeiten, Programmhinweise und andere wichtige Nachrichten zu den o.a. Applikationen.

Zu aller erst: Herzlich Willkommen zu unserer brandneuen App - CRM direct 1.0 -. Diese CRM Lösung erlaubt es Ihren eigenen eMail Client (IMAP/SMTP-Standard) nahtlos mit einer breiten Reihe von CRM Funktionen zu verbinden. Auf können Sie sich einen guten Einblick über CRM direct verschaffen.

Erste Schritte: um die Möglichkeiten von CRM direct voll zu nutzen, sollten Sie drei einfache Einrichtungsschritte durchführen:

1. den Zugriff auf das Adressbuch einrichten. (gehen Sie in den iPad Einstellungen zu -> Datenschutz -> Kontakte). Alternativ können Sie CRM direct aber auch mit einem lokalen Kontaktmanagement benutzen, allerdings erfolgt dann kein Abgleich mit dem Adressbuch.

2. Dropbox Account: wenn Sie bereits einen Dropbox Account haben, melden Sie sich auf der Eingangsseite der App an und schalten die jeweiligen Ordner frei. Lesen Sie mehr dazu auf:

3. eMail-Client: Ihren IMAP/SMTP eMail Client können Sie bei der ersten Funktionsauswahl einfach einrichten, indem Sie eines der vorgefertigten Sheets vewenden. Sollte Ihr eMail Provider nicht aufgeführt sein fügen Sie einfach einen neuen Provider hinzu. Lesen Sie mehr: Alternatively können Sie CRM direct mit der integrierten eMail Funktionen nutzen, aber halt nicht im vollen Umfang.

Für weitere Fragen kontaktieren Sie einfach unseren Support über die Kontaktseite (




First of all, a great welcome to our new application CRM direct 1.0. This CRM Tool allows you to integrate your eMail Client (IMAP/SMTP-Standard) seamless into a whole bunch of CRM functionality.

First steps: to get the full user experience with CRM direct there are three easy setup steps to make:

1. grant CRM direct for address book access. (go to your device settings -> Privacy -> Contacts). Alternatively you can use CRM direct with a local, non snychronized Contact Management.

2. Dropbox account: if you have already a Dropbox account then login into Dropbox from CRM direct's main screen. 

   (Read more :

3. eMail-Client: setup your eMail Client by using one of the prefilled sheets or create an own one. (Read more: Alternatively you can use CRM direct with the iPad integrated eMail-Client and it's limited functionality.

For further questions please contact our support, using the contact sheet of our web page (

Best regards

Your MTbrain team