On this page we'd like to present some Tips & Tricks for our mobile applications of the CRM Business Suite.


Covered applications are :

  • CRM Business Notes      (Version 3.4 and newer)
  • CRM Business Mail        (Version 2.0 and newer)
  • CRM Business Deal        (Version 2.1 and newer)

If you have found out a good trick during your daily work, please let us know. We're eager to publish it here  ! 


K - Keyboard

Sometimes the upshifting software keyboard of the iPad superimposed just the text areas that you want to edit or read. To gain access to these areas now, the keyboard can be moved or even split. The hidden text field becomes then visible.


How do I do that?

Long-Press the keyboard icon of the software keyboard and select an appropriate option from the menu.

P - Personalization

As our CRM apps needs to cover a very broad range of different Sales Activitiestriebs , we offer the opportunity to make a variety of settings, so that in the end you can create your completely personalized CRM version.

Create your own templates:

If you create a new document, you can choose from the available templates or create your own templates. Here between, 'big' Templates (incl. all attachment variants) or 'small' templates for ad-hoc events can be selected.

Change template labels:

Most of the template labels can be adjusted to specific terms or language. Example: the input field for the ,Meeting Title' should be changed to ,Project title' rename because the template should be used for projects.


Just touch the label ,Meeting Title' and change it to ,Project title'.  Hit <Return> and the changes are  saved and will appear from now on in all the documents .... Mail, Print and new documents.

Do want to know more about the personalization .....

P - Phrase database

Another way to save effort in text inputs, is our phrases storage system. This method is particularly suitable if you have recurring phrases or text modules. You save an already enclosed text in an internal database from which you later retrieve it and can use.

How do I do that:

The phrase database is always activated when you press a multiline input field. About the way up donating an additional keyboard tray 'Get' and ,Save' button appears. Have you written a text module then this can be saved and used later on.

S - Speech recognition

The improvements of Apple's on its voice recognition service Siri (on iPad 3 and better) allows our CRM apps entirely new possibilities and considerable simplifications in capturing text. Talk text instead of storing your him. The speech recognition rate has reached such a high level that even long project reports can dictated and converted easily and without errors. Thus, the annoying text input via the keyboard are largely eliminated!

How do I do that:

To use this feature, click in edit mode of the text input area, and then press the microphone key on the keyboard. Now speak your text clear and in best Standard Language (no dialect). After recording the recognized text appears in the text entry area.