CRM Business Notes - Introduction

The customer has a core focus in CRM Business Notes  !


A customer can have any number of documents to events and to sales orders.


Event documents - are protocols / work reports to meetings, visits, negotiations:

  • Event documents can have (depending on the template) up to 4 sub-items (topics). The latter can also be expanded to include pictures or sketches.
  • Event documents can (depending on the template) include a feedback questionnaire, and a voice recorder
  • all event documents can (independently of the template) contain a file attachment.

Deal documents - are quotations and orders to your product & services portfolio:

  • Contract documents provide order items. These are fed by a catalog, which describes the Articles and Services in detail.
  • Contract documents can contain a file attachment.

The analysis functions to a customer include Metrics Graphics, as well as the two dashboards on events and orders.