CRM Business Notes 2.7 - Release Notes (older entries)

2013-10-23 New Feature Release 2.7.2


The maintenance Update 2.7.1 and the new Feature Release 2.7.2 manages some UI glitches of iOS7 and brings a new automatic NewsChannel Notification. The notifications appears at least two time if news to CRM Business Notes are available. With regard to our big spanish speaking User Community we'll try our best to  translate these messages to spanish language too.


With 2.7.2 we changed also the workflow of chronic list for events & deals. Since we got of lot of questions from our users - 'where to delete meetings/deals'  - we spend the chronic list such function: Simply make a left swipe on the respective list entry and the 'Deletion Menu' pops up.



2013-10-23 Major Release 2.7.0


* New Layout-Manager

We spent this version a complete new Layout-Manager for eMail and Print-Formats. You can decide

which part of your document should be communicated

how the appearance looks like

who should be the recipients (email only)



There are no additional efforts on your side to launch the Layout-Manager - it will popup automatically before mailing or printing starts.


* Select Participants 

The former functionality to transfer documents from one contact to another contact (in the same company) has been changed to a 'Participants Selection'-function.


* Creation of new deals 

We gave the Dealmanager its own Contact-Menu where you can now create new deals or switch to the Deal-Dashboard of the selected customer.


* Battery life optimization

By intensive code optimization we increased the speed performance by 20% and reduced the memory consumption by 30%. Both measures will improve the battery consumption.


* iOS5 User-Information:

with the new major update to 2.7 of CRM Business Notes we do not support iOS5 longer. As mentioned earlier the reasons are the fundamental changes of iOS7 especially regarding the graphical user interface.

Parallel adoption of iOS5 is highly error prone and in some cases simply impossible.


Users with the iPad (first generation) can upgrade to latest compatible version 2.6.7. The current developer contrats does not forsee the maintenance of older versions.




2013-10-10 Maintenance release 2.6.7

The last maintenance release 2.6.7 has been launched tonight. This update comes with an improved Searchbar-Functionality and manages some compatbility issues between iOS5,iOS6 and iOS7. Therefore we recommend this update for all users who are already in iOS7. This version is the last version which is compatible with iOS5 (see info above).



2013-09-19 Maintenance release 2.6.4

The new maintenance release 2.6.4. manages compatbility issue between iOS6 and iOS7 - especially in the Audio-Manager and the Cataloge-Manager. Therefore we recommend this update for all users who are already on iOS7.


Note: it seems that iOS7 makes an adjustment of the graphic calculations neccessary. If you use the Dashboard functionality for Meetings or Deals without having at least two valid entries for Feedbacks or Deals the app might crash. Currently we're fixing that behavior of iOS7 and will have a workaround with the maintenance update 2.6.5.



2013-09-19 Maintenance release 2.6.3

The new release 2.6.3 handles issues regarding the auto-synchronization of the calendar, especially when you edit the location field of a connected schedule. The short sync-cycles has made it difficult to change such a location. In 2.6.3 this is now fixed.


Note: when you switch from the 'photo-realistic' design to the new flat design - make sure that you restart your app completly. Only on restart the systems-functions can be reached which are neccessary for a fully design change.


Release notes 2.6.2


* New, optional flat Design in iOS7 look

We spent this version a complete new second skin in iOS7 look. This skin is flat and minimalistic. Wether you prefer a photo  realistic design or the flat desgin of the upcoming iOS7 - you can use now both.

Go into the Settings and switch the 'Flat Design'-Switch back and forth. To have all new desgin elements ready a relaunch of the app is necessary.

* Create customized event documents 

If you feel that the implemented 'Event Categories' like Meeting, Notes, Task , Deals, etc ….. are not sufficient for you, you can now create your own 'Event Category'. Go to Settings > 'self-defined Event' and give it a title and a description and decide if you want a full blown template (as i.e. Meeting Documents) or a short template (as i.e Note).


* Optimized auto-synchronization for the Address book

We have implemented the Smart-Sync function for the iPad Addressbook - this is an automatic synchronization between your Addressbook on iPad and the Addressbook created by Business Notes - and vice versa. If you create a new contact in Business Notes it will be automatically transferred to your iPad Addressbook. From that point on this both entries are connected and all changes in your iPad Addressbook or vice/versa in your Business Notes will be automatically synchronized. Due to its critical character a Deletion activity of contacts is not synchronized !  


* Changing of company names

Up to version 2.6 you could change company names only if the contact has no documents at this time. That was for ensuring the integrity of the Database. Now, with regard to the Smart-Sync function of the Addressbook you can change self-responsible contact names and company name to your convinience. 


* Optimized auto-synchronization for the Calendar

We have now implemented the Smart-Sync function also for the iPad Calendar - this is an automatic synchronization between your Calendar on iPad and the schedules created by Business Notes - and vice versa. If you connect a schedule in Business Notes with your Calendar both entries are connected and all changes in your iPad Calendar or the schedules in Business Notes will be automatically synchronized. If you delete a schedule in your Calendar only the connection to Business Notes  will be removed, the schedule in Business Notes remains in general.

 * Optimized Searching by improved search algorithm

After a short while of working the number of contacts or documents can increase strongly. To better find specific entries or group of entries we have improved the Search-Algorithm deeply to a JIT Search (Just-in-time search). Means: after you've keyed in the first 3 character of a search term the search will start and show you directly the results regarding the  current search term. This is now so fast that you will not see any impacts to the former search. 


* Improved Dashboard functionality

With version 2.6.2 we have concentrated most of the contact related activities into the Customer Management Window and removed as many as possible from the Dashboards - the Event Dashboard and the Deal-Dashboard.


* Update of Webpages and OnLine-Help

Since the update of all webpages to a new version 2.6.2 is time consuming activity it will be finalized until mid of September. Due to the fact that the general usage of Business Notes did not changed deeply and the new function are from a high usability we want to take this time for adjusting our web pages.


* Beta Status of 2.6.2 functions

All above mentioned functions are in beta status. The beta status of functions of version 2.6 (see below) has been cancelled - this functions works as expected.


Release notes 2.6


Customer Masterdata Manager - add Customer Specifications 
The Customer Masterdata Manager has been completely redesigned. Beside a more slim worklflow - you can now add further Customer Specifications and photos (i.e. business cards, portraits or logos) as well to your customer data sheet. We incorporated also a 'Customer Delete'- function. Read more ....


Filemanager - important data operations in one central place

The steady growing of CRM Business Notes functions made the centralisation of the various datafile functions in one central place necessary. The new filemanager has moved to the Tabbar of the Event-Chronic and covers now all CSV-Importfunctions, Database Backup & Restore and the Dearchive-Function as well. Read more ...


Automated Import-Functions

Most of the Import-Functions has been widely automated, means after the import the corresponding files will be detected and you will led directly to the next step.


New Pasteboard Function:

All 'image receiving' functions of CRM Business Notes have now the ability to copy images directly from the iPad Pasteboard. Pasteboard images have priority to library images, means  - an existing pasteboard image will taken first.


New Filtering-Function for Event-Chronic

In addition to the Search capabilties for the event chronic you can now easily filter the events by category. Read more ....


All above listed features are currentyl in beta-phase.


Release notes 2.5


Dealmanager - from Opportunity to Deal 

We spent this version a fully implemented dealmanager - from opportunity to deal. You can prepare and manage all kind of deals - product deals or services deal. You can create your own pricelist for product and services wether by importing large textfiles or by manual typing.

This function is currently in beta state. The very first deal for a customer needs to be created in the event chronic before inpouts can be made in the Deal sheets. (read more...)


Textphrases - reduce keyboard activities

This version comes with the new textphrases function. Save quick and easy already written phrases and reuse it later in your documents. Every time the keyboard appear you can access your own textphrases memory.

This function is currently in beta state. It is designed to save and reuse words or sentences. We currently do not recommend to save complete paragraphs.


CSV-Import of Metrics data

The current metrics data function with its KPI-Manager has now the ability to import large amount of data by importing CSV files. 

This function is currently in beta state. Make sure that the CSV-File contains only data for a single customer. MS-Excel standard CSV formats and Open Office CSV formats - both in UTF8 has been validated.


Database - Backup/Restore function for your database 

This version contains a backup and restore function for your database. You can easily create a backup for your database locally. By device synchronization such backups will be saved on your computer or iCloud.

This function is currently in beta state. To restore your database follow the instruction within CRM Business Notes app.


Localization - Spanish

CRM Business Notes comes now in three system languages. English, German and Spanish (new). All menus and tooltips comes in this languages. The international Online-Help can be set to your appropiate language.


For our native spanish community: since we're currently testing several translation companies regarding their quality it would be very helpful for us to hear from you as a native speaker something about the quality of the current spanish translation - if it's good, acceptable or poor. Don't hesitate and contcat us. Tnx.