CRM Business Notes - Release notes


Here we inform about changes of the new versions of CRM Business Notes. This release notes should gives you a quick overview about the new features and how to operate it.


Hint: please also refer to the below mentioned beta-hints. Functions in beta status are currently under development, are not completely finalized and may contain bugs. Please follow our recommendation of use. Such functions may change in future version.  


2015-07-25:  New Maintenance Release 4.1.3

A new maintenance release has been published to the AppStore.

The function for searching new AddressBook entries has been deprecated temporarily, because big AddressBook (> 1,000 Entries) may cause a memory bottleneck. After realizing an optional background search we intending to release this function again.

2015-07-08:  New Maintenance Release 4.1.1

A new maintenance release has been published to the AppStore. We optimized three major areas:


Improved access strategy for AddressBook

We improved the access strategy for the AddressBook which allows now the unique fetch, if i.e. your iCloud AddressBooks and various local AddressBooks are out of sync.


Performance improvement on importing and fetching huge AddressBooks

Fetch and Update processes of the AddressBook are now backgrounded to optimize the foreground speed.


Sketching function

Improvements and bug fixing with the Sketching function.


2015-06-10:  New Feature Release 4.1.0

In general we improved the workflow to a more smoother way of creating and managing your documents.


1. Extended  information for official business letters and invoices

The user data has been extended by additional official company information which are usually used in the official company communication. You can add this information within the Settings-Menu.


2.Improved Layouts for eMail and Print formates

The eMail layout for events and deals has been extended with the above mentioned official company information. Every time when you create eMail or Prints you can decide which information should be displayed.

3. Improved internationalization and localization for non system languages

The localization of the system languages EN, ES and DE has been improved, also the behavior for non-system languages.


4. Adding contacts/customer

All functions to add a contact/customer to your database can now be reached by a single Add (+) Button in the upper menu bar.


5. Activity creation

On creating documents and deals within the Activity Manager lets you decide if the relevant documents dates should be transferred to your calendar automatically or not.


6. Improved iOS 8 adaption

The iOS 8 adaption and the stability under iOS8 has been improved, especially for the picture handling


2015-01-27:  New Feature Release 4.0.1

This version 4.0.1 has been redesigned from the ground up in order to make the document exchange with CRM Business Mail 2.0 possible. All the new functions below are currently in the beta-stage.


1. Calendar:

In CRM Business Notes 4.0 the Calendar operations has been changed from the ground up. If you have granted access to your Calendar app all schedules will be edited within your calendar directly. This makes the Calendar synchronisation via iCloud easier and less error prone. Read more ...


2. Activity Manager:

In CRM Business Notes 4.0 the Activitymanager has also be changed from the ground up. You can now create all kind of events or sales order directly within the Activitymanager. The corresponding documents and also the respective calendar schedules will be created automatically. Clicking the disclosure button of an activity list entry will direct you to the respective document.

Read more ...


3. DataExchange with CRM Business Mail 2.0:

CRM Business Notes 4.0 has been extended to receive and import documents which comes from CRM Business Mail 2.0, including calendar dates. 

This is very helpful if you want to manage a) your Business Mails in CRM Business Direct and b) want to enhance that Logs & Tasks to full blown Meeting documents or to Sales Order documents. Such imported documents can contain also eMail attachments from CRM Business Mail. CRM Business Mail 2.0 operates as an extension of CRM Business Notes. To use this function you need to have CRM Business Mail 2.0 installed on your device.


Hint: if the CRM Business Mail documents contains more than one attachment - only the first one will be managed by CRM Business Notes. 


4. FileChooser:

Every file choosing function in CRM Business Notes (Filemanager and Attachmentmanager) let you select a Local search or a Dropbox search. The local search happens in your documents directory of your device - the Dropbox search happens within your Dropbox directory. Read more ...


5. Backup Workkflow

Reading and Writing of Dropbox Database Backups can be done directly in the Filemanager. To process the Dropbox-Setup Menu is not longer necessary, although it still exist. To operate directly from the Filemanager - click the Dropbox-Folder selection and the appropriate BackUp-Function. The Upload or the Download of the BackUp File starts automatically. Read more ...