CRM Business Notes - FAQs

Well, in this area we would like to answer the most frequent questions which has been arrived so far: 


What happens on the Addressbook Synchronization: 

Due to the fact that CRM Business Notes uses much more contact information as usually provided from the native Addressbook - a seperate Addressbook within CRM Business Notes is created. To keep both Addressbooks compatible a synchronization is necessary.


Priority has your native Addressbook - wether you import contacts into Business Notes or edit contacts within your addressbook - the changes on content and address labels  will be transferred to Business Notes.


Only in the case that you manually add a new contact to Business Notes which does not exist in your native Addressbook - predefined address labels will be saved in your native addressbook. Later changes of these address labels will be adjusted in Business Notes - but you may not change the order of the labels - private, work, other.


Must I fill in all data columns fields in a BN_catalog Excel template ? 

In general we would recommend to fill in all columns for a catalog item. But the import will also work if single columns remains empty. (as long as the original column stays). Deleting a column completley will cause an import error.


Creating catalog template. Can I use commas (',') within datafields ?

If you use MS-Excel (or OpenOffice) with its default settings (with a field delimiter ';') then a comma within datafields should make no problems. In general we recommend not to use commas within a datafield.


My Business Notes 2.2 is blocked in Portrait mode. What to do ?

Because the Split-Window Technologie CRM Business Notes 2.3 (and lower) is designed explicitlly for Landscape-mode. If your iPad device is switched to Lock Rotation = ON versions lower than 2.3 are locked in portrait and will not work. From version 2.3.1 (and higher) device Lock Rotation will not influence Business Notes.


How to attach a PDF to a document ?

The easiest way is to import a PDF from another application (eMail, Dropbox etc.) which offers the function 'open in ...'. Business Notes will be listed, just tap it. If you have a document already open - the import window will open. Select the appropiate PDF file and add it to your open document.


The other way of bringing the PDF to your iPad is with iTunes: Connect your device, select BusinessNotes from below list of apps and transfer the file to the BusinessNotes folder.

In BusinessNotes open the attachment list and choose PDF attachment. Then follow the last step describe above.


Can I exchange Business Notes documents within my company ?

Yes. The Communication-Function "Export Document" creates an archive of your document (incl. all attachments - expect Audio-Files, because the size). You can send this by mail. Other Business Notes user can now import the document directly into their own database by clicking the received attachment.


How do I delete a contacts and documents ?
Other then in earlier versions of Business Notes, the deletion of documents happens in the list by a left swipe on the respective entry.


How do I recover archived documents and contacts ?
The recovery works in the File Manager. The file list shows archives by the fileextension '.plist'. The file name is composed from 'company name', the filing date, and a document identifier. Select the file name, press the action button below and wait until the action is completed. The archived file reappears fully recovered in the chronic list.

How do I delete a document permanently ?
The permanent deletion of an archive file is made in the file manager. Do a wiping gesture to the left on archive file. A red button, Delete 'appears. Press the button.