CRM Business Notes 4 - the Topic details

Two event categories - 'Meeting' and 'Initiation' allows you to add four detail topic pages - reachable by a simple page flip. 


The Topic View are for describing the topics in details and setting actionspoints (tasks). A task can be 'due dated' and remarked open/closed.


The picture frame shows the photo attachments of the document. You can add photos from the camera, the photo library and also handwriting notes and graphs. All visual attachments persist in the respective document.




TopicDetail area:



To connect an actionpoint with the iPad calendar tap the date lable, select the due date from the date picker and put the switch to 'open'. After that you will be asked to set a reminder in the native iPad calendar. This reminder will notify you a day and a hour before reaching the due date.



You can add photos from your photo library, pictures from the camera roll (iPad2, iPad3) and handwriting sketches to your document. If you want to enlarge a photo - tap inside.



Handwriting notes:



Intention of this feature is to give you a flexible solution for drawing simple graphs or making sketches.


Color button - provides a new pen color

Mirror          - mirrors the image to left

Rotate         - rotates the image 90 degrees

Clear all       - removes the complete content

Eraser         - provides an eraser for line erasing

Undo           - clears the current drawing

Back            - saves the drawing in the document.


You can draw with your fingertips, but best results comes with an iPad pen. 


Calculator function


With the In-App Scientific Calculator you can calculate normal math functions up to scientific calculations. Enhanced math functionality can be accessed by sliding the horizontal scollview (3). It works like the iPhone version of Scientific Calculator B1.


You can save your calculations (for later use) by pressing button 1. Button 2 leads you to your histories.

To transfer a calculation result to the current document - press 'Transfer to document' and leave the calculator. Back in your document tap the inputarea where you want to have the calculation result.