CRM Business Notes 4 - the Document Details pages

Each document has a 'Summary' page, displaed in th detail view. With respect to the currently choosen document type various attchments can be added.


A list of the possible attachment types will show up by pressing the 'attachment button'.


Add attachment to an event document
Add attachment to an event document

Setting event dates:


By tapping into the 'event date label' a date picker will appear where can choose an appropiate date from the picker wheel and save.


Connecting event dates with iPad calendar:

Most of the dates in CRM Business Notes can be connected to the iCloud iPad calendar - iCal in order to manage alarms (24 h and 1 h before scheduled time) and for synchronizing changes of the iPad calendar. Now, to connect an event to iCal say YES Popup Save-Dialogue.


Note: to be fully functional CRM Business Notes needs to have have access to the iPad calender for scheduling, reminders, comparing and calculating dates. Therefore Business Notes will ask you for that before using.




Using a separte Business Notes Calendar


Normally Business Notes uses the iPad Default Calendar to connect events. In cases of many schedules and reminders it can makes sense to separate Business Notes events from your other calendar events  by creating an own 'iCloud synchronized' Business Notes Calendar.


The setup of an own 'iCloud synchronized' Business Notes Calendar happens in the Settings menu of the initial screen.


(Hint: before you create a BN-calendar, take care that your iPad calendars are iCloud synchronized - see device settings -> iCloud section -> calendars)



Working with attachments:


You can add several attachments to your summary page. The type of attachments depends on the type of event you've created. A 'full blown' meeting notes can have all attachment types, which will be describe here as an example:


Add Detail Pages:

'detailed pages' are used to describe additional meeting details.  Click the 'attachment' button and choose 'detail pages' from the list menu. Now four detail pages... called 'Topics' ared added. Further reading ...



Add Customer Feedback:

To document customers' feedback attach a feedback session. Click the 'attachment' button choose 'Feedback Anaylsis' from the list menu. You will be led to Feedback window ....



Add PDF-Files:


Importing Files

CRM Business Notes is accounted to import PDF-files and MS-Office files from every other iOS-Application which provides an 'Open-In' function (i.e. Mail, Dropbox etc). When you tap the CRM Business Notes icon in the 'Open-In' menu the attachment goes to Business Notes.


Allowed files types are: pdf, xls, pptx, doc


Another way of importing files is the iTunes folder option. Connect your device and copy the file into the iTunes folder. Go back to Business Notes, open a documents, open the attachment function and do the same thing as above.


Attaching a file

To attach now the file to your document select 'PDF-Manager' from the attachment Popup and choose an appropiate file from the file list.



Since the document databases can easily grow up to several thousand entries, the app performance can be impacted negatively. Therefore we recommend to limit the PDF size to a few pages per event only.


Audio Recorder:


Each event template can have an audio note. The audio recoder allows you to take spoken comments and attach it to your document. To reduce memory consumption the max. duration is limited to 300 sec. The recorder buttons are compatible to the functions of a real life audi recorder:


Recorder buttons

  1. Start the voice recording
  2. Stop recording
  3. Play recorded audio file
  4. Reject the recorder