CRM Business Notes 4 - the Document chronic


CRM Business Notes knows six different customer event categories - each of them from different complexity in order to match the nature of the event:


to document bigger events i.e. 'longer meetings', Negotiations, Project meetings.
to document phone calls, short comments, ideas.
First contact:
to document an initial contact.
to document new business opportunties. Can be at least transferred to a new deal.
to define own, contact specific task.
Own event:
used a document type for an own-defined events. Own events can be created here or in the Settings.


                       The Chronic:


The Chronic List displays all event documents of the selected customer - ordered by the 'Event-Date'. A list entry contains following information:


1. Event date, event type, participants, event title and the documents' revision date.

2. Further information about the document status

  • red signal - at least one actionpoint in the detail topics 1-4 is still open
  • microphone symbol - a voice record file has been attached
  • bookmark - you have bookmarked this event


Function of a list entry:


Edit document:

Select a cell for further action.


Distribute document:

Select the cell menu '' to distribute your document.


Delete document:

By left swiping the entry the Deletion process starts.






Lead you to the Online Help


Fileters the document list by document types.


Makes a full text search of the documents. The 'Last' Button repeats the last search.


Refreshs the list


Filters all documents which has a still open Actionpoint somewhere within the document.


Filters all 'bookmarked' documents

Creating new documents - the ShortCut menu

The 'New' button in the header section displays the shortcut menu, which offers the document type.


Select one to create a new event.



Distributing Documents



The Menue within a tableview entry allows to communicate this document directly:


  • Document content within eMail body
  • Print via AirPrint
  • Reportfile as eMail-Attachment
  • Reportfile to Dropbox