CRM Business Suite - Importing from the Addressbook

Web page content is valid for : CRM Business Notes 3.4.8+ and CRM direct 1.0


Import a single contact from the Address Book

If you have granted Address Book access you have two ways of importing contacts to your local customer database. A well managed iPad address book leads to an easy way of importing single contact data into CRM Business Notes. 


But due to wide individuality of iPad-Address books , which cannot be covered in a propietrary data structure, we decide to take your contact entry as it is. To add a contact select only one ore more contacts from the appearing list.



Bulk Import from Address Book

With a granted Address Book access you can also import all your contacts within one step. Please follow the instructions of CRM Business Notes.

Hint: Address Books can easily increase to hundreds of entries. If such contacts have also portrait pictures the resulting memory consumption could become critical, even on newer iPads.

The short time memory peak will force the operating system to quit the app - you might think the app crashes. Therefore we recommend to import not more then 500 - 800 contacts in one step.