Instructions are valid for:

  • CRM Business Notes 3.4+
  • CRM direct 1.0+
  • CRM Dealmanager 2.0+

CRM Business Suite - the Dropbox-Manager

What is Dropbox ?

Dropbox is a Cloud-Service to manage your files and folders in the Internet. Therefore a directory structure comparable to your PC-Filemanager will be created. The usage is also quite similar - you can create directories with files, upload and download files.

Your folders are connected to your account only - so nobody than you can access your data. On the other hand you can create 'shared' folders, invite i.e. colleagues and use this folders to share documents.


With the latter one you can easily create workgroup folders for your team and company. Especially this function makes is interesting for CRM Business Notes.


How does Dropbox integrate with CRM Business Suite apps

Dropbox has been integrated in a way that all the upload and download functions are performed asynchronously in the background.


That once started, you can exit the function and perform other things within CRM Business Suite apps (but not leaving the app completely). The Dropbox feature operates reliably in the background without to interfering your other activities. This works even if you start another app - then CRM Business Suite app are running for about 6-9 minutes before the background functions ended. 


Create a Dropbox Account

A Dropbox account is free, also the first 2 GB data. Read more at Dropbox webpage. Its creation is very simple and costs less then 2 minutes.


A big advantage of Dropbox is - its your personal file server, steered by yourself only. Nobody than you knows your account data - CRM Business Suite apps only expects that you have a valid Dropbox-Account when you decided to use the app Dropbox functions.


Note: you need your account data later to connect to Dropbox !


Prepare Dropbox for CRM Business Suite apps


The Setup starts with the Dropbox Authentification - input your Dropbox eMail addresse and passwort.

This authentification happens only once - later on you will be connected automatically.



Usage of Dropbox in CRM Business Suite apps

On Dropbox connection CRM Business Suite app creates the following folders within your Dropbox folder:


  • CRM Business xxxxx
    • Archive
    • Backup
    • Import
    • Report



These standard folders are critical for internal app processes. Renaming or Deletion of that folders is not allowed and may result in serious malfunctions !



is a System folder where archived (removed) documents were saved. Never change the folder content manually from outside.



is System folder where Database backups were saved in a protected format.  The function 'Data Exchange' works with the content of this folder. Never change the folder content manually from outside.


The last both (Import and Reports) are user's folders. If you don't decide other, this standard folders are used.



This is a users folder. The Import-Function of CRM Business Suite apps for images, office files, CSV-Importfiles, PDF-Files utilizes this as a standard import folder. You can put all your import files into this folder from outside CRM Business Notes.



This is a users folder.Reports of documents/sales orders will be uploaded in this standard folder.



Dropbox settings

The switch 'connect with Dropbox' manages your Dropbox connection. 


The other switches manages the standard behavior of CRM Business Suite apps:


  • ON - CRM Business Notes uses its Dropbox-Standardfolder and displays its content in the Navigator.
  • OFF -  files access happens locally. Dropbox folders will not be displayed in the Navigator.


Note: after initial the Dropbox Setup all switches are 'OFF' and need to be switched-ON to created the respective Dropbox folder structure.



Dropbox Navigator

The Filemanager has been extended for using Dropbox funtionality.


Now local files and your Dropbox content will be displayed within one file list where Dropxbox files are indicated with the Cloud symbol. Pressing the Cloud symbol will download the file and manage all further processes automatically.


You can navigate through your Dropbox folders by using the Chevron and the Back-Button.