CRM Business Notes 4 - the Business Graphs

With Customer Sales Graph you can present the KPI trends for a period of 12 month. This page will describe how you can generate the necessary datasource for the graphs. 



By tapping within a graph the predefine 'columns' were displayed as a 'Line-Graph'.

Edit Metrics Data:


Each customer can have any sets of Business KPIs. A set covers 12 month key-value pairs. With the button 'KPI- Manager' will display the list of KPI sets for the entire customer.


  • Edit KPI - create a new set of KPIs manually
  • Download - download a CSV-Files from your download site
  • Deletion - make a left swipe gesture on a list entry

inApp KPI Editor


The inApp editor is for creating multiple sets of metrics data for the selected customer. You can create as many data sets as you want (i.e sales data, order lines, complaints etc..). Each data set has 12 value-pairs (month - value data) and will be saved directly in the database.





Import metrics data


1.Create the metrics data in MS-Excel or OpenOffice


The most common way of creating contact data is using Microsoft Excel or a compatible 'Open Source' application, like OpenOffice - to create the raw metrics data.


We strongly recommend to download the attached Excel-Template, corresponding to your Business Notes Version.

These templates are 'ready-to-use' without having any concerns about appropiate structures or field names. (if you decide to create your own template you must ensure the exact field names, the number of rows and the exact order of rows - otherwise the import will fail).


! Please be aware about the different versions: from 2.6 on we added functionality which allows to import metrics data from different customers from one file.


The content of the fields must not contain the separator character which are used by the system to split the file. The structure, the field names or the file name BN_Metrics.csv are immutable and must not be changed. Exmaple entries in the templates should guide you through the field input.


If questions on importing CSV-Files are left open, please contact the the MTbrain Support Team (eMail: 


For version 2.5: Template for Metrics data
This template is for CRM Business Notes version 2.5.0 and 2.5.1.
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 6.5 KB

For version 2.6: Template for Metrics data
This new template is for version 2.6+. It contains additional information to ensure automatic operation. If you have upgraded your CRM Business Notes to 2.6 please use only the format of this template.
Microsoft Excel Tabelle 6.5 KB



The generation of the CSV-Files through Excel is described in detail in step 2 of the Addressdata Import.... Exception: by following the above mentioned reference, take care that you use the CSV filename 'BN_Metrics.csv'.

Importing the datasource into Business Notes:


If you have created the importfile outside Business Notes, you have several choices to import the data into Business Notes:



The most convinient way is, that you receives the importfile as mail attachment. Simply touch the mail attachment and the 'Open-In' menu will ask for an application. Choosing 'Business Notes' , Business Notes will handle all steps automatically.



Connect your device with iTunes and copy the importfile to your device. In Business Notes open the Filemanager and choose the import symbol.


For the above mentioned methods go to the Filemanager and finished the Import-Process.



Another way is the download from the Internet - or better - from your/your company WebPage. Press the Download-Button and Business Notes will connect to the choosen URL ( see below) and looking for a file named BNMetrics.csv.


The address of your Download-Pages can be setup in the Settings-Menu.