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CRM Business Notes 4 - CRM Business information management

The initial Contact Screen is the main entry point for CRM Business Notes. The descriptions below refers to the newest version 4.0.0 (available last week of January 2015)


Functions of the Contact list:


The contacts list displays all your contact aggregated by their company in alphabetical order.

Menu item (left)



switch to OnLine Help


create a single customer in local mode.

If you have granted access to your address book additional menu items will appear which leads to your address book directly.


add an additional contact to the company


full text search in local customer data


repeats last search

right index list

alphabetical index for fast scrolling

Menu item (right)


switches to the Activity Scheduler for all contacts.

dashboard for all events for all customer

dashboard for all deals for all customer

leads to the System Filemanager were you can manage CSV Import-Files, Dearchive files, Backup & Restore databases and import received Report-Files

Toolbox Gear

Opens the toolbox menu, where you can find the

  • Settings
  • What's new in Business Notes
  • Business Notes Online Help
  • About


The Contact Detail view


Selecting a list entry will update the detail view. From here you will be led to the nine functions, which are all related to the currently selected customer:


Window buttons



Starts Facetime with customers phone numbers


Starts Skype with customers phone numbers

Click the portrait to edit address data.

Clicking the bubbles right beside will open the classification sheet for the selected customer

switches to the activiy scheduler

Create and present customer related business KPIs

Leads to the Mail-History Dashboard

Creates and edit event documents, like meetings, notes, opportunities, task and initiation and 'own defined events' as well.

Give an statistical overview of all documents for the selected customer

Creates Proposal & Deals, let you utilize order lines from an item catalogue

Give an statistical overview of all proposal for the selected customer

Dropbox Management


Additional Links:


FAQ :                                          Question and Answers to the most recent version.


Version Support:                         Bugreporting of the most recent version.