MTbrain iOS Development

Our Software philosophy:

It's our main goal to develop high-quality applications which has one core-point in mind: your success - and of course our cost coverage. If you have success in your business with our applications you will like them and talk about them. At the end is your success - our success.


Functionality & Features

We have a very dedicated 'design process' of the features and functions we really need to cover in a software application. In that stage most of the questions can be solved based on our own longterm business experience. For special questions we have group of business specialist for consultation.


User collaboration:

We've found out that our users uses our software for various kinds of businesses - each with an other focus. Therefore it is crucial to incorporate our user's needs into the design process - in the early beginning and during the productive phase as well.  


View Design:

We love the clear and rational design, which should help you to solve your tasks and challenges without any design hassles. To cut a long story short: we're talking about Business Application where functionality comes first; view design may be important, but comes not at not first. Therefore we try to avoid too many animations or  gestures within our apps.



Our Coding is based on our long-term business coding experience. Our preferred programming languages are Objective-C and C++. Most of the code comes by ourselves, even if third party libraries exists. But when we need to use (in rare cases) third-party libraries we use only mature functions and libraries which are open-sourced only. That gives us the ability to react fast in the case of necessary adjustments.



With big concerns we see the current price philosophy for software products in the various app stores, that seem to be designed primarily out to lure the customers with free products.

We're convinced that this is an unfair, non-transparent and short-sighted behavior, which means on medium term - the decline of innovative software applications .


With us, the customer pays once a fair price that covers the development costs and our profit.



Our skills:

We at MTbrain work dedicatedly to create cutting edge applications for clients across the world and have detailed knowledge about iOS, Objective-C, Cocoa, and Xcode.

Owing to our experiences in the iPad and iPhone development field, we have understood the formula for developing successful mobile applications.

With experience and skills in iOS Development tools such as XCode, UI Kit, Cocoa Touch and Apple HIG, we have delivered a number of applications to clients and to the AppStore.