Game Apps for maC & Windows

"Work is hard enough - sometime you need relaxation to charge batteries".  


Here our new, epic 3D Economic Simulation Game 'Viking Journey' comes into play. Come relax, dive into the 'Early Middle Ages' and develop the population and economy of Skullwald with patience and business knowledge,  into a robust economy.


The game represents a complete production and economic cycle. Buildings, investments and productions cost silver - finished goods, if not used up, are made silver again in maritime trade. Manage your fief as if it were your own company - only you alone are responsible! Turn on your business skills and follow in the Goods manufacturing and the maritime trade the economic principles of a successful product management.

Viking Journey - Episode 1


Viking Journey 1.81 (newest Windows version) our newest creation with a lot of extension is available on STEAM

Viking Journey 1.7 is available in the Mac App Store within the Game - Strategic Games Category.



Viking Journey 1.8 is also available on the Windows Store

Business Apps for iPad & iPhone

"Business in general has become a most-dynamic area that requires flexibility and the organization of a real challenge: the seamless integration of the steadily growing business information into one place. Today major parts of business information are eMail driven - simple price requests, full blown RFP's, negotiation and contract documents. The normal means of an iPad device or an eMail client does not cover the direct integration and organization of such eMails into Business documents.


Here our collaborative, mobile CRM applications of the -  CRM Business Suite - comes into play and helps business professionals to stay organized." 

CRM Business Mail

combine Customer Relationship Management seamless with your eMails ! Read more ... 

CRM Business Notes

The CRM Juggernaut for Professionals. All your events and sales orders into one place  Read more ...


CRM Business Notes 4.1 is available in Apple AppStore within the Business and Productivity Category.

How can CRM Business Notes helps you ?


Slim your CRM workload - see how easy it is to streamline your workload ....



Visit the CRM Business Notes product page:  international or german

CRM Business Deals

.... from the Opportunity to the successful Sales Order. Read more. 

CRM Business Deals 3.0 is available in Apple AppStore within the Business and Productivity Category.

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